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About Me

Juan Urrutia (John) is a freelance Software Developer who provides programming and administration of web sites, web application development, and mobile apps development for individuals and companies.

He loves traveling, meeting new people, and spending time with his wife, family, and friends (especially around a barbecue grill!).

Juan counts with more than 10 years working on web based technology projects and another 5 years in business re-engineering for multinational companies where his last position was as VP in the Technology area.

Fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese he is able to maintain a conversation in any of these languages.

Experienced in JAVA (core java, jsp, servlets, common libraries), PL/SQL, Android SDK, and SQLite).

Proficient in html, css, javascript, bootstrap, jquery, php, Wordpress, and MySql.

Knowledgeable in Linux OS, networking, OOP, Apache web server, Tomcat, Glassfish, and WAS.

Quality in the product and outstanding customer service are his two key priorities.


Fundación Dravet Argentina

This is a site that brings awareness on "Dravet Sindrome" and serves as a gathering point for families that deal with this desease.

It's mostly text driven, developed in WordPress, and customized with a child-theme to style it and to improve the responsiveness for small screens.

Mobile Apps (Android)

Android applications built in partenrship with G20Apps (www.g20apps.com).

Geolocation Tracker

La aplicación transmite la posición del camión de delivery, junto con el estado/status de las entregas para su gestión en casi tiempo real por parte de la empresa.

Finger-touch Buenos Aires

Es una guía de turismo para la ciudad de Buenos Aires que aprovecha muchas de las capacidades de los dispositivos móviles como ubicación por GPS, texto a voz, y mapas para uso on-line y off-line.

Botón de emergencia.

Se trata de una app que simula un botón de emergencia. Cuando el cliente apreta el botón la empresa recibe un aviso y un vendedor entra en contacto con el cliente (por teléfono) para tomar su pedido de compra.

Still working on this section ...

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